The Keys

Group of artifacts, keys to the Gate


A set of artifacts. Some are powerful weapons or items in their own right, in addition to their property of being a key to the great Crystal Gate

There are 7 missing keys currently

3 are in the hands of ASE:
Ziggy’s arm/Ziggy
The Crystal of the Ebon Flame
Sel’Qants Orb

1 is known to exist:
Pirate Generator

3 are unaccounted for and unknown

If they are kept near eachother for extended periods of time they attract Far Realm creatures and breaches. If they were all brought together they could open the great Astral Gate, ending all of reality and all of the Multiverse.


A set of artifacts forged by the gods long ago. They are keyed to a gate which seals a breach in the Astral Plane, stopping the Elemental Chaos from flowing in. There an an unknown number of keys. Some have already been returned to the door, and only a few still exist.