Crystal of Ebon Flame

Powerful artifact of a dark god, carried by Puck


One of the Keys

+6 implement weapon used by Puck.


The Crystal of Ebon Flame is an artifact left by the mad, chained god Tharizdun. Puck acquired it during her adventures, not knowing it’s true purpose or power. At the Monastery of the Two Winds, after Castle Korstull, Morghetongue claimed that it was his, but that he would let her “continue to feed it and grow it’s power, for now.” This may or may not be a lie, but Puck was angered by the accusation that it was not hers. There has been some evidence that the Crystal speaks to Puck, as she has been seen whispering to it when she believes other’s aren’t listening. If so, it does not seem to have affected her personality much, except that she is very possessive of the item.

Crystal of Ebon Flame

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